Since the release of “Beyond the Borders” in 2010, life on the road has brought Tradish together not only with audiences apparently hungry for their eclectic approach to Irish music, but also with many diverse and innovative musicians within the vibrant Irish music scene that’s scattered throughout Europe, providing new ideas and fresh material for the new album, “Roots and Shoots”.

Tradish are:
John Pilkington: vocals, guitar, bouzouki, stepping
Louise Ring Vangsgaard: fiddle, viola, vocals
Brian Woetmann: bodhrán, percussion, vocals, stepping

As part of a living tradition, Tradish are interested in exploring ways to connect the old and the new, the past and the present, respecting the roots yet keeping the music fresh and alive. Every member of Tradish has spent the best part of their lives playing everything from small pub sessions to concert and festival performances, giving Tradish the ability to not only satisfy the hardcore trad. crowd, but also to reach out to a wider audience who might not otherwise listen to traditional music.

Over the past 200 years, traditional Irish music has grown from its roots and shoots into a mighty tree with branches stretching around the world. The band’s second album “Roots and Shoots”, consists of traditional and self-written material, and takes us on a journey that starts with a crazy trip through Galway, and then out into the world beyond, drawing on the energy that flows from the roots of Irish music; a combination of Irish emigration and the sheer passion of its traditional music has blossomed into what can only be described as a truly global phenomenon.

Enthusiastic reviews from around Europe led to Tradish being chosen as one of the 10 bands representing Denmark as part of the “Danish Roots –Growing in the world” music export project.

In 2019, Tradish release their third album “Banish Misfortune”; a distillation of the band’s special sound, combining their own original numbers with traditional material from Ireland and beyond. Three tours in Greenland have provided the opportunity for the band to soak up inspiration from some the Greenlandic song tradition. “Nuilersup Qilaap Seequinersuata”, a beautiful Greenlandic song, became a feature of their concert repertoire and is included on the album. The past 3 years has also seen a series of acclaimed concerts with Gunilla Odsbøll, a phenomenal stepdancer and winner of the European Irish Stepdance Championship. Gunilla’s feet feature on one of the album’s dance numbers.

Following up on the release of “Banish Misfortune”, Tradish continue with their busy schedule of concerts and festivals both within Scandinavia and beyond. 2019 is going to be an exciting year.

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